Thursday, May 23, 2013

Saying "So Long" to Elder Abankwa March 2013

Elder Abankwa, being from Ghana, needed to use our computer
to work on his visa for his return trip. He visited us several times
in George's home.  We told him if he had any trouble with his
paper work, he could come back to Texas with us.
We had a big pancake breakfast on Monday before Transfers. Elder
Abankwa was the guest of honor.  The four elders ate 3 dozen pancakes, 2
dozen eggs, 3 pounds of bacon, a gallon and a half of orange juice, and a
gallon of milk.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 we said so long to our dear friend.

Elder Waldron, a visa waiter for Argentina, would be leaving us
in a couple of days. Two fine missionaries.

Elder Wakefield and Abankwa sadly depart.

Cameryn's Baptism March 30, 2013

Our friends, Dusty and Sheri Rhoades' granddaughter was
baptized on March 30, 2013.

Teresa White's Baptism February 23, 2013

Teresa White and her husband, Melvin

Sister White's children were baptized two years ago. She says
she's not sure what took her a little longer.

Sister White and "her" missionaries: Elders Abankwa and Esplin

Sumter Ward Pinewood Derby March 16, 2013

After the Cub Scouts raced their cars, Brother Putnam opened
the track to adults who had made cars. Elder Wakefield made the
Superman car and Elder Abankwa (his first ever) made the black
car on the right with the Pass Along card spoiler.

Bishop Howard's son, Adam.

Megan and Ryan Strickland's son, Greyson.


This Hot Dog car was super fast!!

Elder Abankwa and his car.

Elder Wakefield's car won in the "legal weight" class.

Sumter District Picnic in Florence, SC before interviews March 13, 2013

Interviews with President Holm were always held in Florence,
 SC at the stake center. This one was in conjunction with a "No
More Strangers Fireside". Sumter District Elders Abankwa, Ovefelt,
Waldron, and Esplin love to eat so we packed a picnic lunch.

Egg salad, chicken salad, chips, brownies, apple slices, and
carrot sticks. Elder Abankwa likes.

24 croissants divided between 5 elders gone in a matter
of moments.

A beautiful spring day in South Carolina!

Friday, March 8, 2013

The YM and YW Learned How The Revolutionary War Was Fought In SC

Making fire with flint from his flint pouch.
Frank Holloway, Sister Wakefield's brother, and his wife Brenda presented a Revolutionary War living history to Sumter Ward's Young Men and Young Women on Wednesday March 6, 2013. He took on the role of one of General Francis Marion's men. Known as The Swamp Fox, Marion had great success as he prevented General Cornwallis from leaving Charleston after the British captured the city.
There were 69 Revolutionary War battles fought in SC. New York
was second with 11.  Frank was proud to state that the War was
won in SC. When Cornwallis made his way back north, he was already defeated.
This made General Washington's job easier.

Explaining that The Swamp Fox ran through the swamps all around
the Sumter, Lee, and Clarendon county areas including the swamp
next door to the church building.

Frank told how just 30 miles away at Ft. Watson, Marion and his
men were able to capture the fort on the Santee River by builing a
tower during the night. The next morning the troops in the fort were
looking up at men and rifles pointing down from the tower into the fort.
The white flag was raised over the fort.

Boys as young as 12 or 13 joined the militia...blacks free and slaves
as well as whites joined the fight. Marion usually had  20 to 70 men
at a time fighting with him.

Getting a young man ready to leave home and go to war.

Marion's men had learned fighting skills from the Native

Swamp Fox! Swamp Fox!
Tail on his hat.
Nobody knows where 'da Swamp Fox at.
Swamp Fox! Swamp Fox!
Hiding in the glen,
He runs away to fight again.

We got lead and we got powder
We don't fight with an empty gun
Only makes us shout the louder
We are men of Marion.

If a young man had a rifle, it was probably given to him by his
father before leaving home.

All geared up and ready for battle.

Revolutionary War History Lesson Moved Outdoors

Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox, and his men did not fight like
the British...they usually surprised the British and would then run
back into the swamps. The British could not follow. They were as
some of the kids said, Gorilla Warfare Fighters.
Frank took the YM and YW outside and let them throw tomahawks.

Showing the technique.

Emily Larsen, YW advisor, nails one in the center target.

Bishop Howard has success!!

Elder Abankwa's attempt earlier that morning.

Jane showing the elders how it is done.

Frank ended the evening by firing his musket.

Ready...Aim...Fire..Goodby British