Monday, February 4, 2013

February 2, 2013 A Wedding Followed By A Baptism

Bishop Howard presiding at the wedding. Elder Wakefield
walked Connie down the aisle.
Elder Abankwa and Elder Esplin taught Connie Jung, Roman Platt and Roman's mother Cat Joyner  the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We were able to help teach, fellowship and provide rides to church for these three wonderful people. We were thrilled when they decided to get married and be baptized. With the help of an awesome Relief Society President, Sheree Wells, and ward members, Roman and Connie had a beautiful wedding and baptism.
Sister Abbott made this delicious and lovely cake.

Family and friends of the bride and groom.

Cat Joyner, Bernie Montgomery and the bride and groom.

Mr. and Mrs. Roman Platt.

Elder Wakefield baptized Cat Joyner. Elder Esplin baptized
Roman and Connie Platt. Elder Abankwa smiled.

Some Family Time

Mom's granddaughters. Ginger Lindsay, Sarah Burrows,
Geri Leckie, Alison Pearson, and Carol Tyson
Being called to serve a mission in your home town rarely happens. So when we first learned we were coming to South Carolina, we knew there had to be  many reasons. We have learned of them one by one. A special mother was here living in an assisted living facility. She fell in June and in July she stopped knowing us. It has been an added blessing to us to have been here when she passed away. My brothers, George and Frank, and Dick and I were at her bedside. Many family members and friends celebrated her life on Jan. 13, 2013.
Jane and our daughters Geri and Alison.

My siblings: George Holloway, Amy Walker, Laura Burrows,
(me) and Frank Holloway

Added to the photo: Dick Wakefield, Brenda Holloway,
my Uncle Larry, (Mom's brother) and Aunt Esther.

Some of Mom's great-grandchildren

Grandsons Richie Burrows, Perry Holloway, Chris Walker, and
Ashby Burrows join granddaughters.

South Carolina Columbia Mission

Elder Bednar came to our mission on November 3, 2012...
Trust me he is seated in the middle in the row of chairs...
It was quite an experience to have a member of the twelve
instruct us for three hours...a cherished memory

The Mission Car Inspection Team.Sister and Elder Wakefield,
Sister and Elder Bowman, Sister Decker and Elder Decker
taking the picture. In Florence, SC at a Zone Meeting.
November 14, 2012. (It was freezing cold that morning.)

Dick loved being under the hood of a car again.

The line-up

Our chapel in Sumter.  The new sign was an Eagle Project of
Johnny Roveri's. It was built just after we arrived.

More Missionary "Stuff"

Dick's 13th move...One of the best missionary tools we brought...
the 16 foot trailer
 The best decision we've made lately was to come on a mission. We have been taught and have learned so much from the people of South Carolina. We have laughed, cried, and made friends for a lifetime. We are so blessed.
Our friend Gordon's study place...When missionaries say "he's
on fire"  this is not what they mean. Gordon did not know
Elder Wakefield was stopping by.

Jane parking at the hospital in Sumter, SC...we do have our perks

Rolling pennies from our jar with Lisa and Matt Flatt at the Airman's
Attic. Warning!!! Do not sent $$$ we do this for mad money and
it's fun.

Shopping at Mr. Bill's...$10 suits...$5 shoes... $1 ties...can't
beat it...entire mission is jealous only can you do this in Sumter

November and December Baptisms and Confirmations

Former Bishop, Lathe Harris, baptized Edward Ramos on
 November 24, 2012.

Elder Powell worked for many months with Edward.
He was allowed to come back from Spartanburg, SC
to take part in Edward's baptism.

Elder Peterson baptized Bernie Montgomery, and Bishop
Howard baptized Sam Green on December 29, 2012.

Sam Green, Bernie Montgomery and Elder Wakefield. Dick loves
these guys. He helped the elders teach them and picked them up for
church many times and continues to help them. He bore his testimony
the first Sunday in January and Bernie followed his example.

Christmas 2012 in the South Carolina Mission

Elder Wakefield's attire for Christmas morning.
Our daughter, Alison, and her husband, John, and our granddaughter, Hannah, spent a liitle time with us on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. They came to Sumter to see John's parents. We had a wonderful time with them, George, and a few friends.
Bishop Howard and his wife, Lindsey, playing Christmas carols
on a home made xylophone at our Relief Society Christmas party.

Then he took the xylophone apart and directed the choir.

Elder Wakefield, Rosie Jennings, and Josh Larsen (Elders' Quorum
President) helping out with the ward Christmas project. We helped collect,
purchase, and wrap gifts for 35 children in our ward.

The reason we brought a VW was so we could take our annual
Christmas card photo. George's barn provided the perfect

It was fun decorating George's home for Christmas.

My brother always wanted a silver tree.

Lights at Swan Lake Gardens

Christmas 2012 (Continued)

Elders Peterson, Abankwa, Dixon, and Overfelt loading their
Wayne Geddings continues to treat us missionaries like kings and  "queen" out at his barn. He barbequed another pig and invited us all to join in food, talk, and lots of singing.

Elder Wakefield helped Wayne decorate the tree. Funny I
can't get him to decorate our tree!

Wayne on keyboard

Fred Hudson, a member of the Sumter Ward, singing.

Joyce Reinacher, Wayne's sister and ward member, sang a
fun song.