Saturday, September 29, 2012

Elders' Quorum Party

On Saturday, September 15th we had a party at Troy and Mariah Taylor's home. The Taylors are from Texas too, so guess what kind of barbeque we had. Pulled pork for South Carolina and brisket for TEXAS!!!  The food was yummy. The weather was beautiful and everyone had a great time.
Troy putting food on the table. Everyone waiting
patiently, especially Elder Powell and Dixon.

Dick was first in line to fix his plate.

Brisket! Sooo good.

Grayden Taylor and Jane talking and eating.

The party in full swing.

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Wheels On The Bus

His first love in the wheel department a Volkswagen Bus.
Yes, I know the WHEELS are missing.
Dick loves anything with a motor and WHEELS. We have come to the right place for our mission. Sumter is full of interesting wheels. This will be a regular post as we discover more WHEELS. Here are a few we have captured so far. Enjoy!!
There are so many cars like this around town. Watch for
them in future posts. 28 inch WHEELS

Pretty nice golf cart. Kawasaki Green with a Monster emblem.

A Dodge Durango with 30 inch WHEELS.

The coolest set of WHEELS belongs to George, Jane's brother, on
his '63 Studebaker.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sights Around Sumter, SC

We love going on base several times each week.  Our volunteer service work is very rewarding, and we are making great friends.  It's a beautiful base with lots of contruction going on. The sound of F-16's taking off gives us chills and of course makes Dick a little home sick.

 This is George's spread and where we get to live while serving here in Sumter. It's a very nice home, and yes, Jane loves mowing all this grass.
Pinewood is a small town west of Sumter. This is the restored train station. Schools used to bus students out to Pinewood and they'd ride the train back into Sumter.
One of three churches we found in this tiny town.

A South Carolina Texas Longhorn. Sure made Jane happy.

Monday, September 3, 2012

SC Missionaries

Elder Parkes (second from right) worked with us in Sumter. He was waiting for his visa to Argentina along with these other four elders.  We were happy for him and sad for us when his visa arrived. We were able to take him to the mission home and tell him so long.  A great elder!...August 5, 2012
Transfer days are a tearful time for Sister Wakefield...This was Elder Aguilar's and Elder Bailey's transfer day...
Elders Parkes, Lash and glad we brought the Suburban...bought the bike rack in SC...July 18, 2012
Our daughter Geri's in-laws, Betty and Joe Leckie were in Irmo, SC at our first transfer...we were there to introduce ourselves and new missionaries to the South Carolina Columbia was a nice surprise to see them there...June 6, 2012
At our last zone conference in Moncks Corner, SC....The elders and sisters had to bring the mission cars for an are some all lined up...this is a bicycle mission but they need the cars to get to where they can bike...the funniest problem we heard about was the car that was full of ants...Elder Decker told the elders to get rid of them and stop eating in the car...August 8, 2012
Seniors Day...we had a meeting and then dinner at the mission home...this picture is of President and Sister Holm and the senior missionaries serving here...July 24, 2012

Missionary "Work" SC Style

Our family, friends, and mission president chuckled when we told them our 16 ft trailer was going on our mission with us to SC.  So far it has been used on 5 different occasions. It is a great missionary tool. This was the first move.
 One of Elder Wakefield's many "HATS". This is his used car salesman hats. My brother, George, sold his '54 Chevy, and Dick helped deliver it.
Building a shelf for the Airman's Attic.
Holly and her five kids are separating from the Air Force and she needed help with her move. This is how Jane's helps with moves.
Airman's Attic: items are donated then airmen or their spouses (E-4 and below) can come in once a week and choose 25 items...all free...we volunteer here each Tuesday and Thursday 9:00- it...very rewarding
Airman and Family Readiness Center...We volunteer here twice a week....we were stuffing deployment bags...about 400 service men and women will be deployed soon
Lisa  is the volunteer in charge of the Airman's Attic