Monday, September 3, 2012

Missionary "Work" SC Style

Our family, friends, and mission president chuckled when we told them our 16 ft trailer was going on our mission with us to SC.  So far it has been used on 5 different occasions. It is a great missionary tool. This was the first move.
 One of Elder Wakefield's many "HATS". This is his used car salesman hats. My brother, George, sold his '54 Chevy, and Dick helped deliver it.
Building a shelf for the Airman's Attic.
Holly and her five kids are separating from the Air Force and she needed help with her move. This is how Jane's helps with moves.
Airman's Attic: items are donated then airmen or their spouses (E-4 and below) can come in once a week and choose 25 items...all free...we volunteer here each Tuesday and Thursday 9:00- it...very rewarding
Airman and Family Readiness Center...We volunteer here twice a week....we were stuffing deployment bags...about 400 service men and women will be deployed soon
Lisa  is the volunteer in charge of the Airman's Attic

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