Monday, February 4, 2013

More Missionary "Stuff"

Dick's 13th move...One of the best missionary tools we brought...
the 16 foot trailer
 The best decision we've made lately was to come on a mission. We have been taught and have learned so much from the people of South Carolina. We have laughed, cried, and made friends for a lifetime. We are so blessed.
Our friend Gordon's study place...When missionaries say "he's
on fire"  this is not what they mean. Gordon did not know
Elder Wakefield was stopping by.

Jane parking at the hospital in Sumter, SC...we do have our perks

Rolling pennies from our jar with Lisa and Matt Flatt at the Airman's
Attic. Warning!!! Do not sent $$$ we do this for mad money and
it's fun.

Shopping at Mr. Bill's...$10 suits...$5 shoes... $1 ties...can't
beat it...entire mission is jealous only can you do this in Sumter

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