Monday, February 4, 2013

Some Family Time

Mom's granddaughters. Ginger Lindsay, Sarah Burrows,
Geri Leckie, Alison Pearson, and Carol Tyson
Being called to serve a mission in your home town rarely happens. So when we first learned we were coming to South Carolina, we knew there had to be  many reasons. We have learned of them one by one. A special mother was here living in an assisted living facility. She fell in June and in July she stopped knowing us. It has been an added blessing to us to have been here when she passed away. My brothers, George and Frank, and Dick and I were at her bedside. Many family members and friends celebrated her life on Jan. 13, 2013.
Jane and our daughters Geri and Alison.

My siblings: George Holloway, Amy Walker, Laura Burrows,
(me) and Frank Holloway

Added to the photo: Dick Wakefield, Brenda Holloway,
my Uncle Larry, (Mom's brother) and Aunt Esther.

Some of Mom's great-grandchildren

Grandsons Richie Burrows, Perry Holloway, Chris Walker, and
Ashby Burrows join granddaughters.

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